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Bingo is a popular game that has been around for several years and is played all around the world. Bingo has gained renown due to its simplicity and due to the enthusiasm it offers. In bingo, a player is provided with a ticket that has some numbers printed on it and supposes the player to press the numbers as they are called by a computer or by some person. If a number called by the computer is written on the ticket then it is shaded otherwise it is not shadowed. Over the last few years, a lot of variations have been introduced to make the game more exciting and interesting.

75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo are the two most popular variations of the bingo game. 90 Ball Bingo is a popular game in UK and parts of Europe while 75 Ball Bingo is a popular game in the US Both game variations are similar to a certain extent as you need to buy bingo cards at The two and you also need to press out the numbers on the cards. However, both games are played differently.

In 75 ball bingo, five columns of 15 numbers each are used to print the 75 numbers and each of these five columns represents a particular letter of bingo. The letters are written on the top of the ticket. Apart from the letters, the ticket has numbers printed on it which varies from 1 to 75. A random selection is made to choose the numbers to be printed on the cards and this is done to drive a fair game. In 75 ball bingo, the goal of the players is to press out the numbers and form a particular pattern that has been selected for that game. The person who first forms the pattern wins the game and the prize.


In 90 ball bingo, each player is supposed to buy the ticket to play the game. Each ticket has nine columns and three rows. In each row, five squares out of the nine squares have a number that lies between the numbers 1 through 90 and the remaining squares are left blank. A player can play or with a strip of six tickets or he can play with a single ticket. The six-ticket strip is such that it covers all numbers from 1 to 90. In every bingo call, it is called a number and a player needs to dial it if it is written on their ticket. Each ticket has three rows and 90 ball bingo has three winning patterns.


Single line: The first person to successfully mark all the numbers of the three horizontal lines one of the wins a prize.


Two lines: The first person to successfully dial all numbers of any two horizontal lines outside the three horizontal lines wins a prize.


Full House: The first person to successfully dial all numbers on the ticket wins a prize.


So, the 90 ball game is a different bit of the 75 ball game as there are three winning patterns and three winners in a single game. A single player can even win three times in a single 90 ball bingo game and this makes it fun-packed and interesting. Also, the 90 ball bingo game is not specified letter and 90 ball bingo tickets have more columns than 75 ball bingo tickets.

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